Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monique Vereen: Missing From Queens, NY

"A mother from Queens has suddenly vanished and her family is fearful of what might have happened to her.

Monique Vereen is concerned over the fate of the aunt she lives with, a 36-year-old hairdresser named Jamaica Smith, who took her daughter to school, then vanished.

"It's creepy for somebody to just drop off their daughter and then you don't see them no more?" said Vereen.

It's been a week now, Vereen said, since then. Last Wednesday morning, Smith took her 6-year-old daughter to school on a bus, the Laurelton School, PS 156. The child showed up safely, but Smith has not been seen since.

Family members say they've heard talk that there was a man seen in the neighborhood around the school, speaking suggestively to women, including Smith.

"As far as I know there was a guy that was giving girls compliments in the neighborhood," said Vereen. "I guess he made compliments when she was walking by or something, that she was pretty, and stuff like that."

From the school, Smith was to walk a few blocks to the home of her recently deceased mother to meet a carpet installer, but she never showed up.

The family suspects foul play.

"Her daughter was her right hand, she would never leave her daughter, never. To drop her off at school and not go back for her?" said Vereen.

While it's unclear what may have happened to her, parents at the school expressed concern.

"The children are in danger if something like that happened," said parent Arlene Clemmings.

For now, the family is hoping that the hundreds of fliers they have posted all over the area will lead someone with information to come forward. A police source said while detectives have no evidence to go on, they are not ruling out an abduction.
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