Thursday, December 10, 2009

She Wants To Find Her Way Home For Christmas

Do You Know Me?

I belong to a little girl who now is all grown up
I have held her tears
for many many years

You see one day she was taken from her family so dear
And made to live with someone who anyone would fear

When she first was kidnapped I helped her fall asleep
But it was so hard every night to listen to her weep

She is all grown up now
But her Christmas wish remains
For one more chance to be held close
By those who loved her so

Maybe they are searching for her too
She has such beautiful eyes of blue
She has a happy spirit that has never left her heart
She believes she got this from her family who taught her how to love

She is so determined
To find her way back home
And have a chance to say
She always held them in her heart
And wished they were never ripped apart
Please help me
Known Details:

Kidnapped in the early to mid 1960s
Blue eyes
Brown Hair

Used to dream all the time of a brown house
Flag staff walk way
Swing set in the back yard

The stuffed Kitten above may have been from before I was kidnapped
Had glow in the dark eyes
Had a bell in his tail

My mom used to sing to me
One song that I remember is
Down in the Valley: Link to this song

DNA is in

If you recognize anything on this post, please leave a comment or contact information, if you like.
All she wants is to be reunited with her family for Christmas, it's been a long, long time.

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