Sunday, December 26, 2010

Missing Mother, Diane Corado: A Victim of Intimate Partner Violence

On a cold December morning Diane Corado, a 57 year old mother, awoke to the front door being kicked in and her ex-boyfriend pulling her out of bed by her hair and beating her with a pipe.

Kenneth Patterson, who was released from prison in January, then kidnapped Corado and a friend, releasing the friend a short time later, and drove away towards a park in which he and Corado spent time when they first met approximately 5 years ago.  Diane Corado has not been seen since being abducted from her Falls, PA home.  Her car was later found abandoned with a "substantial" amount of blood inside, according to news reports.

It's known that Patterson then drove to Trenton, NJ, stayed in a motel, and was arrested with stains consistent with blood on his clothes.  Kenneth Patterson has a previous arrest record from 2008 for kidnapping, assault and carjacking involving a different ex-girlfriend, however, most of the charges were dismissed during a plea bargain and Patterson spent time in prison on weapons and stolen property charges.

Neighbors reported that Patterson still spent time at Diane Corado's home, unsure when they were broken up, and her friend reported she heard Patterson yell, "I told you this wasn't over," and saw him go into the kitchen and return with a butcher knife.
"He told Corado, 'I told you Diane that I would kill you - I will kill you' as he stood over her," the police affidavit reads.

Extensive searches continue around the Falls, PA area including checking toll booths on bridges leading into New Jersey, under bridges and through several acres of land using K9 units.  At this point, nothing has turned up that would point to Diane Corado.

This case is a classic example how the dots connect from intimate partner violence to missing persons.  Patterson's past shows a pattern of violence towards women, which was all but excused in plea bargaining the former charges and allowing him to continue his violent ways.  His arrogance is evident during his hearings in New Jersey when he refused to face the judge and plans to fight extradition back to Pennsylvania.

Until our court system recognizes that certain behaviors can not, under any circumstances, be excused or reduced, we will continue to see cases of missing women, cases which have their roots in intimate partner violence.

Another family spent Christmas in the world of the "not knowing," no doubt agonizing over the fate of their mother, Diane Corado.

Call Falls Township police at 215-949-9117 or county detectives at 215-348-6534


Former Flemington woman, kidnapped, is feared dead

“We haven’t found the body yet, but we’re far, far from giving up,” said Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler, who on Monday admitted the chances are “pretty slim” that Corado is still alive.

“We certainly can prosecute him for the kidnapping,” said Heckler, who expects Patterson to be tried in Pennsylvania, where the kidnapping took place. Even if the victim is not located, “we will prosecute for homicide not withstanding,” he said.
Searches at Maple Beach at the foot of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge and near the Pennsylvania Turnpike Interchange in Bristol Township, Pa., and examination of surveillance tapes from three bridges linking Morrisville with Trenton, returned no results.
Investigators on Wednesday swept through Camden, NJ and searched 4 square miles of the roughly 9-square-mile city where the alleged abductor, 48-year-old Kenneth Patterson, had abandoned Corado’s car shortly after the kidnapping, a police source said.

Ex-boyfriend to be charged with murdering missing Bucks woman

January 13
Kenneth L. Patterson will be charged with murdering his missing ex-girlfriend, Bucks County District Attorney David W. Heckler said Wednesday, regardless of whether Diane Corado's body is ever found.
"That is our intention," Heckler said after Patterson, 48, of no known address, was arraigned on kidnapping, assault, and other charges in the Dec. 19 abduction of Corado from her Falls Township apartment. "I am satisfied that, this far into the investigation, there is ample circumstantial evidence to prove that Ms. Corado is dead and that the death penalty is warranted."


Anonymous said...

They should have executed his nasty ass. He's not giving up her location anyway & the residents of PA should not have to pay taxes to keep this sort of scum sucking woman beater alive. When the hell are the courts ever going to learn in this country about repeat offenders?!?!

Anonymous said...

Let me first say it is a terrible tragedy. I knew the victim. But when will some of these women learn? The place where the victim once worked is full of white women who sleep around with the black men that work there. This pattern happens over and over again. The guy stops working, is supported by the white girl, he usually has a substance problem, starts beating up the white girl and always cheats on her. Again, a horrible tragedy but we won't decrease the number of victims unless these women start using some common sense and make better choices.

Delilah said...

Thank you for leaving a comment and giving your insight. However, intimate partner violence sees no boundaries due to gender, race, religion, ethnicity or economic background, it's very complex and is more an issue of power and control according to all the experts.

Women (and men) must make a very conscious decision to get away from the abusers and they must follow a rigid plan to do this safely.

The best thing you, and anyone else in your circle of friends, can do is to bring awareness to this type of situation. You can find expert information to either read or use to educate others at or

If you have questions or need further help, don't hesitate to ask or contact me.

I hope and pray that Patterson will tell authorities where Diane is, I know it's the most important thing for her friends and family right now.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I knew Diane from a previous job also. She had worked for years as a waitress who put herself thru school and became an RN. She was an excellent nurse. She had a bit of a 'tough gal' attitude but was very caring. She was smart enough to break up with the guy. Fact is-he did break her door down. It's a shame he was out on the street to do this since he should have still been in jail for his prior offense of doing about the same thing. It's a shame Diane didn't take some extra precations (like get a gun, etc) since it sounds like the guy must have threatened to kill her at some time in the past. My heart goes out to Diane's family.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to use the past tense, but I worked with Diane also. In fact, I just saw her on the Friday before she disappeared. She was so very much alive that it was a big blow to all of us that she is gone. We wait every day for news about her, some still holding out hope, others not so much.

While the observation of interracial dating may be true about the workplace Diane & I worked at, it's unfair to relate partner violence with race, and specifically aim the blame of violence on the black man and blame the poor judgment of the white woman. Whoever this is who posted that observation, I would like to say that given we work at a psychiatric & addictions facility, you should know better than to say that. Battered women's shelters exist for a reason. No woman walks into a relationship expecting to be abused. Unfortunately for those who do, it's hard to get out because once the cycle of violence starts, it's pretty much curtains.

Anyway, thank you Delilah for opening up this forum of discussion. It has been very disheartening to see no new updates on Diane in the media since Christmas Eve.

Delilah said...

I'm also disheartened that there has not been any news since Christmas Eve, however, from being involved with missing persons and their families, I do know that it's up to the friends and family to keep this case alive and not allow it to go cold. Many times law enforcement runs out of leads and the investigation slows down.

There are many things friends and family members can do, especially keeping the squeaky wheel turning. I would suggest visiting the website of for a lot of support and ideas.

I know that you all are feeling very helpless right now, but you must keep up the hope that she will be found and that justice will be served, she deserves that.

If anyone knows how, create a website for tips and information, create a Facebook page for awareness and a place to gather with your comments. If anyone would like to do those things and if you need help, please contact me, I'll be happy to put you in touch with those who can help.

The most important thing is to not dwell on blame, but dwell on hope and do all you can to find her and bring her home.

If the family wishes to, they can register her case with CUE Center for Missing Persons. There is no charge for them to be involved or conduct searches. You will find a link to the site on the right. They are an excellent organization that will work with the family.

I hope we hear something soon, and that her friends and family can all come together to support each other.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know the victim...she is my nursing is a sad situation all the way around...and I am truly disgusted by the previous comment about the fact that she is white and the perpetrator is black. I happen to be a black female who believes regardless of race color social class whatever...violence is violence...and um how about Scott Peterson, Jorgan Vandersloot, hell what about Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.... Um arent they white! like I said violence is violence and its wrong who ever does it...and believe it or not Ms Anonomyus...there are a whole lotta fine good brothers out there my daddy my son my brother in law and my husband happen to be one of many! Evil comes in all colors shapes and sizes....and before you start judging other folks look at your damn self!

Anonymous said...

Okay if you knew the victim so god dam well then why are you making shit up. I knew here VERY well. Actually I am her family!!! And you don't know wth you are talking about. Maybe you should shut your freaking mouth if you know whats good for you and leave people alone. I have been suffering for months and I stumble upon your dumbass comments. She wasn't "sleeping around" with him. They were in a relationship for YEARS. He never cheated on her and he never laid a hand on her until the day he kidnapped her. ANd he did so because she was SMART enough to leave him. And it was hard because she cared for him. But now you are racist saying that becauase she is white this happend and becauase he is black he cheats and beats women. Hmmm thats great to say....NOT. I wonder how many people would kick your ass for you dumb ass comments. Who do you think you are coming in and saying dumb ass things that make no sense and are completely false. Grow up and shut up!!!!!!!

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